Monday, May 2, 2011

souljah - jamaica's away

Jamaica`s away,
away from the land that i am livin`
Away from the beach that got me goin`
Away from the sound that came out within

Jamaica`s away,
and my love is somewhere between
To seek love is never comin`
And the music really got me missin

*Why, why do i love the music
why does it made it dancin`
once it turns once it plays
and my feet start to sway

why, why people think i`m crazy
why do they say i`m losin` my way
it got me good got my mood
not forgetting my root

#oh...it`s in my ear...
oh...it`s all that i hear...

Listen to the raindrops falling
from the top my hearts are still
with the jamaica`s appeal.
calling reggae music the beat is
in my hand my soul flyin` up instead....

As I walk in the road I remember what they told me,
The song i singin' and the rhythm i swingin',
People are praying for the gold were stolen,
But happy for what we're leavin'...

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