Saturday, February 11, 2012

Journalism Quotes

there are any favorite quotes of journalism :)

Confrontation is not a dirty word. Sometimes it's the best kind of journalism as long you don't confront people just for the sake of a confrontation.
Don Hewitt

And I believe that good journalism, good television, can make our world a better place.
Christiane Amanpour  

A long life in journalism convinced me many presidents ago that there should be a large air space between a journalist and the head of a state.
Walter Lippmann  

Fantasy should be as close as possible to journalism.
Dino Buzzati  

Freedom of the press is not questioned when investigative journalism unearths scandals, But that does not mean that every classified state document should be made available to journalists.
Otto Schily  
I am deeply interested in the progress and elevation of journalism, having spent my life in that profession, regarding it as a noble profession and one of unequaled importance for its influence upon the minds and morals of the people.
Joseph Pulitzer  

I see journalists as the manual workers, the laborers of the word. Journalism can only be literature when it is passionate.
Marguerite Duras  

I think journalism gets measured by the quality of information it presents, not the drama or the pyrotechnics associated with us.
Bob Woodward 
In journalism, there has always been a tension between getting it first and getting it right.
Ellen Goodman

Melalui lensa jurnalistik kita dapat melihat dunia yang sebenarnya.
#pak Marwan

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